The Church of the Good Shepherd tithes 10% of our income for Outreach concerns, a portion of which financially supports a variety of programs and causes that reflect our congregation’s vision. The Outreach Committee at Good Shepherd diligently assesses the alignment with our mission imperative, the clarity of grant candidates’ program goals and measurability of their success in achieving them.


Good Shepherd Outreach selects outreach grants that best connect our church Membership to the community and world we seek to serve.  Our purpose is two-fold: to provide financial support to our grant partners and to provide Good Shepherd Church members with very real opportunities to personally connect with and serve the grant partners we financially support.


Amounts granted vary, depending on program clarity, funding objectives, and overall budget size. Continued funding will be based on demonstrable progress towards goals stated in the grant Application and yearly completed/approved grant application.

 For additional information, including grant application due dates and contact information, see the Information and Application form.