Foundations for Our Next Excellent Adventure – November 8, 2017

Adopt-a-Room Outreach to the Homeless with Open House Ministry:

The Adopt-A-Room program (a ministry that developed after the 2012 Women’s Tea) has been put on hold due to inadequate on-campus storage for the items needed to furnish a room for a homeless family. This includes items like quilts, blankets, sheets, dishes, glasses, lamps, silverware, plates, towels and toiletries. The rooms at OHM include basic beds, dressers, oven, closet and a bathroom in a “dorm-like size.” (click here to read full statement)

Foundations for Our Next Excellent Adventure – November 1, 2017

Women’s Tea Local & Global Outreach Ministry statement from Saran Warne, Women’s Tea Chairperson: 

The “Love, Laughter & Sharing” Women’s Tea has raised over $75,000 for 15 local and global causes over the past 8 years. Some of the non-profit organizations the tea has blessed include Women for Women, Shared Hope International, Second Step Housing, Habitat for Humanity, Council for the Homeless, Global Sojourners Giving Circle, Second Step Housing, the Assistance League, Peace House Ministries, Rahab’s Sisters, Open House Ministry, the Children’s Center, and most recently our own Good Shepherd Montessori Scholarship Fund. (click here to read Saran’s full statement)

Foundations for Our Next Excellent Adventure – October 26, 2017

Fr. Tom’s foundations statement:

The Vision Campaign at the Church of the Good Shepherd (also known as The Next Excellent Adventure) is all about serving our loving God; as well as growing as disciples of Jesus Christ.  We are a church that has been on this corner of Vancouver for almost 50 years now.  We desire to continue to be a beacon of Hope & Light to our community. (click here to read Fr. Tom’s full statement)

Sharon Farr’s foundations statement:

Our Capital Campaign is essential for providing facilities to more effectively support current needs of our community, as well as expand Outreach ministries. Included will be a well-stocked food and clothing pantry, storage for rooms we furnish in homeless shelters, a community room for instruction regarding emergency preparedness, parenting, job training, and entertainment. (click here to read Sharon’s full statement)

Foundations for Our Next Excellent Adventure – October 18, 2017

Derek Nesland’s foundations statement:

I had the good fortune of recently serving on the vestry for three years ending January 2016.  The greatest lesson I learned while on vestry is that the leadership of Good Shepherd is not ultimately embodied in the vestry or even the clergy.  Those who shape our culture and propel our church forward to accomplish our mission are the myriad of lay leaders, whose commitment to Good Shepherd is incredible. (click here to read Derek’s full statement)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Roll Out is Rescheduled for Sunday, November 5, 2017!

Our Next Excellent Adventure roll out has been rescheduled for November 5th, one week later.  Unfortunately, the rescheduling is due to a death of our consultant’s dear sister.  The vestry after significant discussion thinks that it is in the best interest of Good Shepherd to reschedule the roll out of the plans when Jerry Campbell can join us.   Please plan to join Derek Nesland, Sue Fratt and the vestry on November 5th during adult education time to learn about Good Shepherd’s coming steps toward our Next Excellent Adventure.

Foundations for Our Next Excellent Adventure – October 11, 2017

Diane and Roger Lyngholm’s foundations statement:
What is at the heart of who we are at Good Shepherd?  In one word, “hospitality,” which includes “welcoming all of God’s children!”  Hospitality is a gift that the people of Good Shepherd have and, even in our tiny parish hall space, have been rolling out wonderful coffee hours and small receptions for many years. (click here to read Diane and Roger’s full statement)


Foundations for Our Next Excellent Adventure – October 5, 2017

Sue Fratt’s foundations statement:
The Church of the Good Shepherd is home to me.  Over the course of 32+ years, my children were baptized; my father’s memorial service was held; I was comforted through a divorce; and then John and I were married here.  At Good Shepherd I have laughed until I have cried and cried because it is a safe place to be who I am. (click here to read Sue’s full statement)

Kara Uhrich’s foundations statement:
Fifty years ago Good Shepherd was built at the edge of east Vancouver. Those who built Good Shepherd had no idea how it would grow and change over the years to accommodate so many ministries. I liken it to the parable about the mustard seed. (click here to read Kara’s full statement)

Next Excellent Adventure Updates – October 5, 2017

Derek Nesland and Sue Fratt, past and present senior wardens, have stepped up to lead Good Shepherd’s Feasibility and Capital Campaign efforts as part of our Next Excellent Adventure. The next phase of this effort is rolling out the plans to the congregation on November 5 between services and sharing the importance of the all congregation survey you will receive. Joining Derek and Sue on that day will be our consultant, Jerry Campbell from the Episcopal Church Foundation. He will be able to share the coming process as we move forward. As always, we will be eager to hear your thoughts that day.

It’s Coming! The big day is Sunday, November 5, 2017

What is coming? The roll out of the plans for our next steps of Good Shepherd’s Next Excellent Adventure.   The vestry is excited to share with the congregation during adult education time, at 10:00 am between the services on November 5, what we have been working on since February’s Mardi Gras party. We will share with you the background, our work plans and the next steps. We will be looking forward with eager anticipation to hearing your thoughts, hopes and dreams for Church of the Good Shepherd; as we look to the future of fulfilling God’s mission for us. Be sure to mark November 5 on your calendar!

Next Excellent Adventure Updates – June 19, 2017

It has been a little quiet since our big meeting in February, but work has been going on behind the scenes. First, the Building Committee has joined with the Vestry to move forward in the planning process. About a month ago, we met with C2K, our architects, and presented them with a list of our ‘needs’ instead of our unlimited hopes and dreams. We also asked that they use $4 million as the benchmark for the project. This amount is much smaller than the original price tag of $6-8 million. This coming week representatives from the Building/Vestry Committee will meet again with C2K to finalize our thoughts about their ongoing work. From that meeting we hope to get some final drawings to present to the parish for comments near the end of July. At which time we will be reaching out to you again for your input. Please keep this project in your prayers.

Next Excellent Adventure Updates – March 9, 2017

Next Excellent Adventure Updates – March 8, 2017

  1. Summary of February 26 all-parish meeting (click here)
  2. Tentative Case Statement (click here)
  3. Next Adventure Parish Feedback (click here)
  4. Next Steps will be to group all suggestions into our Ministry Grouping so that all proposed changes support our Ministries, prioritize for maximum flexibility and meet with the architects. Please contact any Vestry members with questions or comments, and be sure to check back often for exciting updates.