Next Excellent Adventure Updates – June 19, 2017

It has been a little quiet since our big meeting in February, but work has been going on behind the scenes. First, the Building Committee has joined with the Vestry to move forward in the planning process. About a month ago, we met with C2K, our architects, and presented them with a list of our ‘needs’ instead of our unlimited hopes and dreams. We also asked that they use $4 million as the benchmark for the project. This amount is much smaller than the original price tag of $6-8 million. This coming week representatives from the Building/Vestry Committee will meet again with C2K to finalize our thoughts about their ongoing work. From that meeting we hope to get some final drawings to present to the parish for comments near the end of July. At which time we will be reaching out to you again for your input. Please keep this project in your prayers.

Next Excellent Adventure Updates – March 9, 2017

Next Excellent Adventure Updates – March 8, 2017

  1. Summary of February 26 all-parish meeting (click here)
  2. Tentative Case Statement (click here)
  3. Next Adventure Parish Feedback (click here)
  4. Next Steps will be to group all suggestions into our Ministry Grouping so that all proposed changes support our Ministries, prioritize for maximum flexibility and meet with the architects. Please contact any Vestry members with questions or comments, and be sure to check back often for exciting updates.