We are people of God, seeking Christ everywhere.  Good Shepherd was founded as a mission of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in 1968, staking a claim on a piece of land in East Vancouver still surrounded by fir trees.  Twenty-five members with a passion for the Holy Spirit met to sing, to pray and to especially honor the needs of young families. The church grew in numbers and mission, and a new sanctuary and parish hall were built by our members’ own hands.  As more people came, Good Shepherd began dreaming with more intensity and focus, leading to the establishment of thirty-two ministries in 2001.

A few short years later, the community came together to state our vision and mission for the next fifteen years.   Our vision is a world transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.  Our mission is that we are people of God, committed to acting in love, seeking and serving Christ in the world, one another, and ourselves.

We value service and outreach.  We are a people that believe our first calling is in the world: in our workplaces, in our homes, in our city, in Creation.  We are a people of joy and witness, excited to add your story to ours.