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Good Shepherds volunteer coverage of the Winter Hospitality Overflow (WHO) shelter at St. Andrew Lutheran Church, 5607 NE Gher Road, Vancouver, 98662 this year will be Sunday evening, Feb. 25, thru Sunday morning, March 4. You can sign up in the church entryway for volunteering for one or more of the time slots. We have just over 100 positions to fill. It will be important that the 6-10PM evening and 6-9AM morning shifts are fully staffed with 5 volunteers each. There is a requirement of at least one adult male per shift. The toughest shift to fill is the last shift in the morning. so if you can work this shift, please volunteer. Along with the sign-up sheet is a description of responsibilities for each shift as well as small reminder slips for you to write down your shifts. Each volunteer needs to fill out a criminal background form that will be on the back of the clipboard. This information is kept confidential. If you have filled one out in the last three years, there is no need to fill out another. In recent years, the shelters have experienced a steady increase of guests with children. The consistently high number of guests compels a need for maximum volunteer support, especially shifts with meals, chore duties, guest social time and bed assignment or storage. The two early morning shifts can be very quiet and are a great time for prayer and meditation. Sign up with your friends from church and fill an entire shift. Based on the feedback of volunteers from previous years, you will get much more out of this experience than you may initially think.

Food Donations Needed for WHO. Cutout hands are posted on the wall in the Parish Hall requesting food supplies for the families sheltered at St. Andrews Lutheran Church during the week. The hands indicate supplies needed. All items are to be brought to Good Shepherd and left in the Parish Hall. Food should be delivered by Feb.23 unless otherwise indicated on the hands. Please be aware of the delivery dates, as food storage is limited.

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