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 Church of the Good Shepherd is having a birthday and you’re invited!

The date is Saturday January 6, 2018.   The first service at Good Shepherd was Sunday, January 7, 1968. To make this event extra special we will need your help. Do you have pictures of events from long ago? Do you have names and addresses of people who have moved away who would like to attend? More immediately, I’m looking for people to help on the committee to organize this great event, especially someone with technical abilities to help with a slide show. All hands are welcome and of course, many hands make light work. I think we will start having regular meetings in September, so you can enjoy your summer. If you would like to serve on the committee or provide support, please contact Sue Fratt or the church office.



Love Good Shepherd? Love History? 

Church of the Good Shepherd will be celebrating our 50th birthday soon!  And, just like Fr. Tom (who celebrated his 50th recently), COGS just keeps getting better! 

Several of us have been talking, thinking, praying about making a record so we and future generations can reflect on where we’ve come from, how we’ve come this far, and how we may be led to grow in the future. We’ve talked with many of the early members and want to talk to all of them.  But the history we’re inspired to put together isn’t just dates and documents and shovels of dirt turned over or nails pounded.  Our history needs to reflect the interplay of personalities that have made us who we are, and are still making us who we will become. 

The personalities involved are not just our early movers and shakers.  Whether you’ve been with us for half a century or you just walked in for the first time, you are part of our story. 

Do you have a little anecdote? A story to contribute? Whether devout, silly, grieving or jubilant, we’d like to weave it into the whole fabric of our story of what makes us us.  Tell us how you came to Good Shepherd in the first place, and why you return.  For me, I come to church for the people, the music, the message and the Eucharist — not always in the same order.  Sometimes I need hugs and smiles the most, and other times the Choir’s anthem brings me almost to tears.  I like to listen to what God seems to want me to take away from the sermon.  And, of course, kneeling at the altar rail, on the beautiful cushions, as I receive the Sacrament into my hands and body and heart, is something I cannot live without. 

But there are also some funny stories.  None of us early members will ever forget the collective sounds of our “whoopee-cushion chairs” as we sat down to listen to the lessons.  We almost, but not quite, missed them when we graduated to our handsome pews. 

 What do we need now?  People to give interviews, long or short.  People to do the interviewing, which we’re doing mostly on video.  People to transpose the video interviews into words on paper, as we believe everything should be maintained in both formats.  People to make suggestions.  In short, just like Good Shepherd itself, the history needs to be the work, and play, of all of us. 

 Please contact Brian Switzer or Bunny Dees or the Church office



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