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The Men’s Retreat Returns with Song at its Heart on May 5-7 at St. Andrew’s House in Union WA alongside the beautiful Hood Canal. Our Theme is The Music of Our Lives; sharing the melodies and rhythms that make our hearts soar and bring poetry to our lives. At this retreat you are invited to share, if you wish, a few of the songs from your life. Bring along 3 or 4 of your favorite pieces of music on CD, DVD, or computer. Add copies of the lyrics if you would like to share them. We’ll gather in the parking lot of Good Shepherd at noon on Friday May 5, arrive at St. Andrew’s between 4 and 6, and end after lunch on Sunday, May 7. The cost for the weekend is $200. Scholarships are available; contact Fr. Tom. Please sign the registration sheet in the church entry. Indicate if you need a car ride or if you can drive and how many you can take. For more information contact the church office at 360-892-7770 or talk to Robin Haglund.



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