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Christian Listening Classes

Christian Listening Classes will be available for both Level one and Level Two in February.

Dr. David & Carol Ball will offer an all-day Level Two class on Sat., Feb. 11, 9:30am-4pm in the Youth Building. Bring your own lunch & pay the $30 registration fee the day of the class. Make checks out to “OSL Region 6.” (Previous completion of Level One is required.) Level Two (6-hour course) is also offered as two evening classes (both required) on Wed. and Thurs., Feb. 15 and 16, 6-9:00 pm in the Parish Hall. Pay the day of the first session, $30 for Level Two.

An evening Christian Listening Level One class will be offered Monday Feb. 13, from 6-9:00 pm in the Youth Building. Bring payment of $15 to the class, checks payable to “OSL Region 6.”

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